Saturday, August 19, 2006

I Love BJU

I love Bob Jones University. I do not say that lightly or just to grab attention. It is really true.

I decided long ago not to be apologetic about the school or my affiliation with it. I decided to simply be grateful. So many alumni can not see any good that God produced in their lives through BJU.

I think that I would be a far different person if I had not gone to the World's Most Unusual University. I know the struggles and tendencies of my heart and a less conservative institution may have allowed me to get into far more trouble than I had opportunity to find in Greenville.

There are certainly things I would like to see change at my alma mater. If the university wants to form an alumni committee I would gladly serve on it. However, until then I will go on thanking God for my time at BJU and praying for the health of that institution.

This article was inspired by Bob Bixby.


Lance from Travelers Rest said...
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Lance from Travelers Rest said...

Dear Jon (I've always felt odd writing that whenever I've written to you).
I was reading through your blogs tonight, and I had no idea how far behind I was; I hadn't read one since your first.
I skittishly clicked on this one. I have to confess, I was worried that you had joined the ranks of unthankful graduates that are way too common amongst our generation. I was very pleasantly surprised--please excuse me for doubting you. Maybe my doubt can be blamed on the fact that the lack of appreciation seems more prevalent amongst BJU faculty, staff, or their children, it seems, which bothers me even more because they, of all people, should know better.
Sadly, my own church, and particularly my Sunday School class seem full of "recovering" BJU grads and former faculty/staff.
Anyway, it was refreshing to read a blog from someone who shares my frustration and it blesses me even more to know that it was you, bud. Thanks for blogging about something I rant about.

paidagogos said...

Hey man, thanks for not being afraid to speak out for what is not “politically correct” in modern fundy circles. I am sick of the twerps who benefit from a BJU education and then whine about their experience on the Internet. It makes me sorry and ashamed that such selfish snobs graduated from BJU. They, no doubt, played up to the school while they were students and betrayed it once they sucked out all the benefit.