Friday, January 05, 2007

Welcome to 2007

Well, it's double-ought seven and I am still alive. My family has had the most relaxing, quiet and uneventful Christmas break ever. So I did not break up the quiet by blogging. But now I am back and I have several more articles in my church series that I will be working in.

I caught an interesting article over at SharperIron that I thought I should comment on today. According to that blog the top story in Evangelical blogging in 2007 was "Porn-it is not just for Perverts any more." Seems more like a story from 1999 (the year the internet really took off) but I will not belabor that. The gist however is that just as many men who claim the name of Christ are partaking of internet porn. And the church seems to not be doing much about it.

Galatians 6:1 gives us the very important command to restore brothers who we find in sin. But it also reminds us to be "considering yourself, lest you also be tempted." I am thankful that of all the struggles with sin I have, internet porn has not been among them. That is due in large part to a wonderful wife who has been very tech and internet savvy from the beginning. We have all the good rules: I try not to be browsing around the net when I am by myself; the computer is set where everyone can see the screen; the history is available for review. Despite such rules and the touting of accountability services the problem seems to be growing, not going away.

Perhaps it is time the we really get up close and personal. Imagine this. You arrive at church on Sunday morning. You see you buddy Fred. "Hey, man! Howz it goin'," you say. Fred says, "Great. By the way, have you been looking at any internet porn this week?"

WHOA! You can't be talking like that at church! Why not? Are we not to "consider one another to provoke to love and good works (Heb 10:24)?" Seems to me if this is a growing problem then people are not doing enough considering. We need to get beyond the weather and "How'r ya doin'" to something that means something regarding love and good works. I have a friend that consistently confronts me about my relationship with my wife. It is great because I know that when I see him, he will ask me if I am loving my wife the way Christ loves the church. That is the kind of thing that we need: relationships that help us have the discipline to witness to the world about the grace of God.

Try it this week.

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ricky said...


Great post!! Great reminder. We as believers need to be that involved in each others lives. You have done a gerat job with your posts on the chruch, but on the practical side of things, if this and things like this are not happening, we can forget the discussion and theory. So keep considering how to stir you brothers up to love and good works; that definitely counts me in.