Thursday, March 15, 2007

Note from the Road

Hello friends. I have not been on lately because we have been very busy. For those who have not already heard, we have been considering for the last 15 months whether the Lord would have us move to Maine. This is prompted largely by a desire to be closer to my wife's parents who are in their 70's. So right now I am in Moncton, New Brunswick and in a few hours we will drive back to Bangor, Maine. We have been here church-, job-, and house-hunting in that order. Divine Providence led us to Faith Baptist Church and Pastor Dave Natale in Orono, Maine. We were blessed to be able to worship with them last weekend. I had 6 straight hours of interviewing at Eastern Maine Medical Center on Monday and that went well despite doing without lunch! I am hopeful that they will offer me a job in the ER and OR. And lastly we made an offer on a house in Bucksport yesterday and we will see what happens today.
114 Franklin St, Bucksport, ME

On the blogging front: my old friend and childhood neighbor Larry Rogier has a very good treatment of the divorce/remarriage question in his article, A Second Look at the First Exception. I would highly recommend you read it. I made some comments to the article and Larry has responded to my comments and the comments of others.

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