Tuesday, July 03, 2007


Last July 4 was hot in Woodruff, SC.  I slept in since I did not have to go to work.  Also I was worn out from a late night party at Tom Williams house the night before!  About mid morning I was reading some blog articles.  I wanted to comment on one but I needed to have a blogger.com account.  So I signed up for an account which meant I needed to have a blog name.  Once I had a blog I figured I would post something on it.  And that is how Standing on the Rock got started.

This is post number 37.  I have tremendously enjoyed the exercise of writing.  At the time I started I was midway through a professional writing course that I subsequently finished with an A.  One of my main goals was to continue writing to refine the lessons I learned in the class.  I feel that I have accomplished that goal.  I also wanted to get feedback from trusted friends on my writing.  In that goal I have not succeeded.  I have only seen a handful of comments from a fraction of the readers of this blog.  I do have several friends who faithfully read the blog and email me or personally tell me their thoughts on the articles.  I would like to see more online feedback however.  So that will be a goal for the coming year.

I never set out to compete with Tim Challies,  SharperIron, or the Pyros but I do look in on Site Meter from time to time to make sure that terrorists are not monitoring my words.  It has been amazing to see that people in Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Ireland and all over the US have stopped by.  I hope that one thing I wrote might have an impact on some of these visitors.

So, being nostalgic and historic, this post marks the end of one year of blogging.  We will have to see what the year ahead holds! 

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The Gilmores said...

Hi Jon,
We just found your blog. We're here in Virginia for the summer. How we wish you and Jen and the kids were in SC so we could visit. Hope Maine is treating you well.
Let's chat soon! Check out our blog at alohagilmores.blogspot.com. We decided to create one especially with the grandparents in mind for the summer. We're keeping our circle of readers small.
Dorina & Ericlee