Friday, July 13, 2007

Do you Belive In Magic?

Two thoughts before I get into this one.

One: Yes, I cannot help but think of that old song that someone (?M&Ms?) used for a commercial back in the 70's or 80's.  A quick Google informs me that it was sung by a group with the inspired name of The Lovin' Spoonful.

Two: Yes, I heard that an obscure movie about some guy named Harry did come out this week.  I have been thinking about this post for a least a month.

Magic is one of those words that is pretty nebulous.  It can mean a lot of things in a lot of different contexts.  While some would object to using it in any Christian kind of sense it is in the KJV (you may find it as “magik”) so it must be alright.  Also, a lot of people have problems (understandably) with Hogwart's Magic but are not bothered by Aslan's or Gandalf's magic.  If you are oblivious to the references in the previous sentences then you probably ought to stop reading now.

I am not particularly taken with Potter but one thing I do like is that all the magic spells are just good ol' Latin!  And some of my favorite magical phrases are found in my Latin Bible.  But, I get ahead of myself.  What I am talking about here is the power of words.  The kind of words that when you hear them your heart leaps or your hair stands up.  Phrases that conjure up so much more than the sum of the words.  I want to share a few of my favorites and I would love to hear some of yours.  Yes, you, O Silent Reader.  I am attempting to draw you into clicking that little link that says “comment” and typing a few little words.  …Please?

Ecce homo!  Of course these are the words of Pontius Pilatus and they indicate the first vestige of the sufferings of Christ and are a small token of what is to follow.   This phrase is also powerful because where so many saw a mere man, some were starting to see much more and the whole point of the story is that this is no mere man being crucified!

“I Am”  This is perhaps the pre-eminent example.  First we see it in the story of Moses.  Then when they came to arrest Jesus.  What a power to make those wicked men step back by the mere speaking of the to be verb!

“But God…”  A common occurrence in the New Testament this phrase always catches my breath.  We often see it in the midst of a contrast between our natural condition and God's natural grace and mercy.

Lord Jesus Christ.  What a great truth is contained in these three little words.  The divinity, the humanity and the mission are combined in this name.  The whole gospel really is represented here.  That God would become man and die to redeem sinners is all encapsulated in that title for the savior!

Those are my four favorites so tell me about yours!


Jon from Bucksport said...

Kathy wrote:

"The power in these words is not magic, it is TRUTH. Magic is usually about trickery-think Jannes and Jambres before Pharoah. This is a poor comparison. "

Of course the operative word her is usually. You usually think about magic as trickery. I usually think of magic as power. Slight of hand magic is the power of illusion. But the ultimate magic is is power to speak and make something happen. And, back to my initial point in this post is the magic to evoke powerful Truth in just a few words!

Kris Stephens said...

"Therefore" - e.g. Romans 12:1 or Ephesians 4:1 - because of the weight of what came before!

"For us" - meaning "in behalf of us" as in Romans 5:8

"In Christ" - referring to our union with Christ, with all the blessings, privileges and fellowship that comes with it!

Jon from Bucksport said...

Thanks Kris!
"Therefore" comes right behind "But God…" in catching your breath.

"For us"--how much more personal could you get. It is not just for people but specifically for me.

"In Christ"--I am studying Colossians and the words "Complete In Christ" are so sweet. I probably need to reread "Complete In Him."

ricky said...

"Come forth" - Christ spoke this at Lazarus's tomb and it happened. This, too, He calls to everyone who is now living who was once dead in sin.

"Let there be light" - These are the first words spoken in creation. But Paul tells us in Corinthians that as God spoke light into darkness, so He speaks light into our darkened hearts.